There’s a band called FUN. (yes, with a period after their name).  Saw them perform at a concert recently at Daniel Island, a tract of land across the Cooper River from lovely Charleston, South Carolina.  Think of Daniel Island as the “new Charleston”.  It’s located northeast of Charleston, but similar in structure.  Much of the island is now occupied; a typical planned community with a town-like atmosphere,with accelerating property values.  A quarter-acre lot within sight of a golf course will set you back several hundred thousand dollars on the north side of the island.  I bought one myself way back then, but sold it to a Jersey couple before the boom –always the impatient investor.  It’s a gorgeous, natural setting with magnificent moss-covered oak trees and quiet streets.

On Christmas Day, we sometimes take stock in the year that has almost passed.  Businessmen and women work at a torrid pace to close out the year (if you’re on a calendar fiscal year), understanding that there’s little excitement following Christmas day regarding new sales.  But most importantly, if you’re blessed and fortunate, it’s time to slow down and enjoy family, church, presents and good food.  And to give thanks.

2013 was a spectacular year for the business.  It’s hard to believe that only 3 years ago we were faced with adversity that seemed insurmountable, and that’s no exaggeration. But nothing is more satisfying than a come from behind victory.  This story is especially gratifying because we were written off by outsiders, as well as some insiders, who underestimated the resolve and tenacity that certain individuals possess within the organization.  It took 80+ hour work weeks and a few tears, but it’s incredible what can be accomplished when your back is against the wall and failure is not an option.  In 2013, we hired 22 new employees and grew sales by 100%! The hallmark of 2013 is my gratitude for all the believers.

Back to the subject!  It seems to be more challenging than ever to sift through BS and find Truth.  This year in particular, it feels as if Truth, especially in social media and politics, is lost.  Our youth are exposed to outright lies and wild exaggeration online for which they are poorly equipped to reconcile.  It’s sad, and even more discouraging to witness the dumbing down of popular websites such as Yahoo – with millions of viewers daily.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve encountered high doses of BS – hot as Chernobyl.  It was so convincing that it became indiscernible.  There’s BS everywhere we turn – in the form of simple lies, distortion of scientific data, half-truths, embellishment, or self-serving manipulation.

However, holidays seem to bring out the best in people.  Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, a friend knocked on my door and he brought a Fitbit Flex, something I’ve been talking about for weeks!  That is true friendship! Last night, I received a big hug from a very happy 8-year old, after picking her up from her grandparent’s location for a return trip back home to mommy, just in time for Santa’s arrival.  (She made sure I packed Santa’s cookies).  Now, that was a moment of sincere joy and TRUTH!  So, while we’re exposed to BS through online media, television and even your buddies, just dial up the sensitivity on your BS meter, but remember to embrace the unmistakable moments of friendship and truth.