Hockey or Baseball?

Last night I watched the Boston Bruins take game 1 of the Eastern Quarterfinals against Toronto.  As the word “FINAL” flashed on screen, one player was still hammering on an opposing player’s head with his fist, while trying to remove his opponent’s helmet with his left hand to inflict more damage.  The referees let the fight continue while they subdued 2 more players engaged in a similar battle.  After a few seconds, things returned to normal, with the home crowd celebrating the lopsided victory.  Pro hockey players are hard core, tenacious competitors.

A few minutes later, I flipped to SportsCenter and baseball highlights.  Here’s the announcer’s transcript:

“A note here about the Blue Jays though.  Knuckle baller RA Dickey has been diagnosed with mild inflammation in his neck and back following an MRI and will get an extra day of rest before his next start Saturday against Seattle.

At the top of the 6th, Harper at the plate on a 0-1 pitch, checks his swing, bends over, appears to grab his side there, in obvious pain. Harper would leave this game, with a bruised left rib.  He’s day to day.

Harper in the post-game interview:  “I don’t know if I tweeked anything just more of a – you know – something that happened, you know, maybe that swing got it or what.  Maybe that played a factor in that but maybe I’ll see how I feel tomorrow and see if I can get in there.  In that moment it got me pretty good.”

What a contrast between hockey and baseball!

Are you kidding me?  Bruised rib my ass. Man, I think MLB players are the best example of spoiled athletes that ever managed to pretend to earn millions a year and retain their mommy’s boy status in public view….that includes Jeter and A-Rod…they’re just simply wimps!

What’s your viewpoint?